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Bulk SMS (We We Provide These Service To OPT In Coustomers Only)

bulk sms Ready to promote your business, services and product through Bulk SMS service that easily provided by smk technology. We provide the constant SMS results with the perfection of the interface in the industry. Furthermore we make this unpredictable interconnection of communication basic, by giving prepared to go SMK Technology – Bulk SMS Solutions which could be rapidly taken off.


Bulk SMS Price!

SMK Technology Discover the new way to create your buzz with Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS SMS Packages.


1 SMS in every language

SMS takes a vital role for their online business like it takes a few seconds to spread their information to others. Apart from that SMS language allows the emailer to kind less and connect more easily than one could without such strategies.

2 Phonebook

Now phonebook stands for not only mobile contacts phonebook as it also means a Google phonebook or internet phonebook that helps to find almost any information that you wants. It is a part of messaging process.

3 Instant Delivery

Through Bulk Messaging process by our origination you will get 100% accurate instant delivery that makes you sure about your SMS sends to that person. With a click of mobile button you get instant delivery message after sending the SMS.

4 Multiple operator delivery

Multiple Operator delivery works just like a bulk messaging process that operates multiple messaging delivery system or instant delivery process to make sure about your message sends or received correctly.

1 Bulk Uploads

Companies who have many solutions or item promotions can cut down on the price of time by using internet promotion resources that offer bulk upload for their on the internet categorized ads. SMS is just like a bulk upload that uploads your business to others.

2 Split Scheduling

You can save time through split scheduling system in messaging process. For instance, if you want to take more time to sends SMS’s then after create text messaging you can set time and do your another work.

3 Excel Plugin for SMS

A smart Excel plugin is an ultimate Excel solution for sending SMS. It is a small software that helps to send lots of messages at few clicks of buttons from your Excel source.

4 NDNC filter

NDNC filter is run by the Govt. (stands for National Do Not Call) for stopping the process of unknown and wrong numbers. In bulk messaging process it helps you completely if you sends some information and knowledge to others.

Way Up Your Business With Using Bulk SMS

Why Choosing Bulk SMS - SMS is about the actual simple gain access to we all give our clients.

SMK Technology provides numerous services which usually try a variety of technology, techniques in addition to interfaces. Bulk sms decrease lack of communication similar to noise, it truly is mouth factor to help contact sender to help phone from very cost effective charges.

SMK Technology will assist in specifying protocols and promote your Bulk SMS by our bulk SMS marketing. We are one of the best service providers of bulk SMS (and many more aspects) services crosswise over India. Bulk SMS service is getting well known step by step. With these services you make straight communication with your clients as it is one of the reliable and smooth with quick reformed strategy available in the market irrespective of the location. Bulk SMS is easy to use and can install with few mouse clicks. This is entering and approaches to each and every corner crosswise over India.

The easiest and perfect route to advertise your product/service are SMS as they are modest, to the focus, generally saw by clients and have greatest review rate. Cost is the dependably front runner in the profits of utilizing SMS administrations for special or promotional reason.

There Are 2 Types Of Bulk SMS Service Provide By Us Mentioned As:-

  Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a perfect type of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to many numbers which includes promotional content about the services/products features. It is a blending of numerous features and services offered by SMK Technology that only aims to grow up your business. Even you can arrange your own data through bulk sms project. For small scale businesses this Bulk SMS (promotional sms) method is the unique solution. In short all promotional sms are bulk sms.

  Transactional SMS

It hold content which conveys details about a item, service, offer that which has been requested by a user/customer. SMK Technology is a Bulk SMS provider that is widely used by large scale business or enterprise. These SMS go from a exceptional 6 alpha character sender ID, e.g. – Airlines/Railway alerts, transaction alert and etc are the perfect example of transactional sms. Educational institutions, e-commerce organization, banking sectors are widely used this transactional messaging method.

It created direct connectivity with the sender or receiver and give fast delivery reports. It also supports multiple's connectivity with sender and receiver.

We always feel pleased and cheerful to help you in explaining the effective uses of bulk SMS software. We serve 24x7 support facility that gives you reliable and consistency answers in delivering your SMS without any failure.

Our SMS solution authorizes the communication over the mobile for all business. We are providing a cost effective platform which gives a route for quick collaboration with the clients inside brief time of timetable.